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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is NLP?


NLP refers to an attitude and curiosity for how people think and experience the world. I don’t know if you noticed this before right now, but each person experiences the world in a way that is unique to them and only them, you included. NLP is a set of assumptions we use to look at the world in order to better understand ourselves and one another. It came about in the 1970’s when a linguistics professor and his students (John Grinder and Richard Bandler) studied the success of a handful of therapists getting extraordinary results with their clients. What resulted was a model of therapy commonly used to achieve success in their fields. So in essence NLP is a group of tools which, when applied to one’s life and experiences, lead to extraordinary results.  


How can I use NLP in my life?


NLP can be used in any area of life. In NLP we focus primarily on process, and not specific content.  What that means is the way you get results is entirely reliant upon your internal processes and focus, and not on the specifics of what you want. For this reason, one can apply the principles of NLP to any area of life and see extraordinary results.


What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy in which the hypnotist puts the client in a relaxed state called ‘trance’ in order to give him or her positive suggestions relating to the session. The trance state is necessary because it allows suggestions to be accepted on a deep unconscious level, which is where all long lasting change takes place.


What is trance?


Trance is simply a relaxed state in which the mind becomes more open to positive suggestions. Trance is the state entered into when one is hypnotised. Interestingly, trance is a state that we enter many times throughout the day and is a normal comfortable feeling.


How Can I use Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is an extremely valuable tool for promoting change at a deep level. It works entirely with the Unconscious Mind, which is the part of the mind that is responsible for lasting behavioural change. Hypnosis can be used for any improvement you want to make on yourself or your clients including stopping unwanted habits (i.e. smoking), improving your confidence, or to promote relaxation.


Can I be hypnotised?


Yes. Anyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is merely a state of relaxation that the client wilfully enters to receive positive and empowering suggestions about making wanted change in an area of life. All that is needed for a successful hypnosis session is the willingness of the client to go into trance.

What is Time Line Therapy™


Time Line Therapy is a powerful therapeutic process developed in the 1980’s by Dr Tad James. This group of techniques are used to rapidly and effortlessly let go of negative emotions and limiting decisions from the past, while gaining access to powerful resources. It is also the framework through which we create the future using a proven process of goal setting that ensures one’s outcome. You only need to experience a Time Line Therapy™ processes once to understand why it is one of the most popular and powerful techniques in Personal Development.


Where are your trainings located?


We run trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, and Albury.   Contact us for details.






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