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Love is the one ingredient that holds us all together.

~ John Fetzer

Healing Through Mediumship and Psychic Connection

Many years ago I took a pledge to apply myself to the study of Sacred Teachings, to understand the laws and principles of life, to live an upright and honorable life so that I may accomplish a greater good for myself and for man kind.  Through continuous study, Coaching and Mediumship I have been able to help humans grow and develop in a non judgmental and nurturing way.   

Mediumship is a an act of love and healing.  It is a sacred act. It allows us to experience the unknown and serves as a reminder that love is never lost.  We do not die, we simply change form from matter back to wave. 

Through my readings I offer people the opportunity to heal.  For the receiver's of the readings, the gift is often the little confirmations that they are on the right track, or the comfort of connecting to a love one who has gone home. Sometimes the messages are reminders of things to resolve or heal. Whatever the messages they are always gratefully received and welcomed.

I offer Evidential readings.  This means that I will first give you information that confirms for you that a genuine connection has been made.  While I have no control over Who or What information comes through, as that is determined by spirit who always knows what you need to hear, I do accept suggestions.  When you come to a reading it's always good to have a question in mind.

My readings are about 30 minutes long.  Before you book here's a few things you should know.  My ground rules are:  I do not predict the future, or tell you the lotto numbers.  If I could do that you would be contacting me on my private tropical island.  I don't discuss any legal issues or outcomes.  I don't diagnose or predict disease as I am not a Medical Medium.  I also won't discuss death including yours or any other living being.  I do not discuss issues around pregnancy, or the sex of your baby.  I also don't venture into past lives. 

If you do not agree to the above conditions then I'm not the reader for you. 

If you are looking for connection with a loved one, I can help you. Losing a loved one is a painful experience and can leave us feeling unimaginable pain and grief.  Knowing that they are near, that they are ok and well can bring ease and comfort, and even closure. 

If you are seeking guidance, assurance or direction, little whispers from the greater consciousness, The Akash, can leave you feeling at ease and at peace.  Perhaps you're not sure of a decision you have to make, or you want to know if you are on the right path.   Readings can definitely help you put things in perspective, and can, indeed assist you in the healing process.  

My readings are straight forward, no fluff, clear without the new age fringe nonsense.  My intention is to provide the information you need most at the time of connection.  I serve you as a channel to Divine Intelligence.  

If this sounds like something you would like to experience you can book here.  Once you book your time you will be sent a zoom link.  All reading are recorded and a copy is sent to you. Thank you, I look forward to serving you.

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To book your session simply text or call 0487 207 865.

What people say about my readings

"I had the honour and pleasure of experiencing the mediumship skills of Loretta Honeychurch and the only word I have to sum up my session is extraordinary! Not only was she “right on the money” with what she told me, she also tempered her insightful reading with great care, honesty, and integrity. As a experienced Personal Growth Coach with an amazing skill set, Loretta easily compliments this work with her strong intuitive side. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Michele Nash
Mindset Coach NLP & Hypnosis Trainer
No More Scary Stuff

"Recently a friend of mine introduced me to Loretta. I had a reading with her and was so impressed with her awesome energy (even online it shone through). Her reading was awesome, very insightful and she so beautifully connected with my Dad who recently passed away. Such authenticity only someone gifted could do – my Dad  spoke to her and through her sent me messages.  Loretta has a real gift and if you have an opportunity - gift yourself a reading with her. I know I will be again. With so much gratitude, love Maggie."


"I had the pleasure of a reading from Loretta and was so impressed with her skill.   Loretta's reading was incredibly accurate. Her messages were crystal clear and insightful. Loretta has a real gift for this work and I'm so pleased she is embracing her gift.   

Heather Frank

"I loved my reading with Loretta. It was very insightful, helpful and spot on in almost every aspect. Loretta also provided practical steps to improve my flow, focus and simplify a few things so I can grow and flourish. Thank you Loretta"

Nicole Turnbull
Neon Shed

"If you have ever met this woman, then you know that writing a testimonial is the least I can do. For those looking for a sign to engage... this is it.  In November of 2011 my mum died of heart disease at age 50.  We didn't even know she was sick. I was 27, my sister 24 and 7 months pregnant, and my brother (her best friend) a mere 22.  Needless to say we were all devastated but I was a special kind of devastated.  My mum and I had a tumultuous relationship, one of over promise, under deliver and I held a lot of blame and anger towards her, so much so that we hadn't spoken for almost a year when she suddenly died.  All of that blame and anger turned to guilt and anger at myself.
I've gotten to know Lou over the past 6 months and really had no idea of her abilities which shows how humble and graceful she is at heart. But one night, while coaching me in other areas of my life, Loretta asked me if I wished to connect with my mother.  Little did she know (or did she?) this was all I had ever secretly wanted.  I had a deep desperation to resolve and repair my relationship with my mother and no amount of talking to myself had seemed to work over the years.
Lou connected me in such a beautiful way, by being the medium, through which I had the most profound experience of my life.  Loretta shared with me my mum's words and emotions in a way that I just knew without a shadow of a doubt, I was connected with my mum again, words were said that I will carry with me until the day I die.
I cannot thank Lou enough for the connection she provided me that honestly saved my life. I strongly encourage you to take the same step and feel the warmth and beauty of Loretta's abilities for yourself.  As I write this, I am filled with gratitude and love for this experience and will continue to live it and feel it for the rest of my life.
Thank you Lou, with everything I am."

Marnie Kay - Toronto.   Author of Belief is The New Black.

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