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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Electric Body Attunement

How would you like to feel really good.  I'm talking about a feeling of ease that comes from deep within.  What if you could find an inner peace and calm, and what if your body was able to hold onto a relaxed stated?  What if you could lose that feeling of being weighed down by the past so that you could move with ease into the future? 

You can achieve all of this and more with Biofield tuning. 


To book your session simply text or call 0487 207 865.

What is Electric Body Tuning?

Electric Body Attunement  is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body to induce deep targeted relaxation. Biofield Tuning was developed by pioneering researcher and practitioner Eileen Day McKusick and is based on her 20 years of clinical inquiry into the Biofield Anatomy. It is a simple, non-invasive, and efficient method that can produce profound and powerful outcomes.

It is a powerful modality that helps to shift the rhythms and patterns of the bodies electromagnetic system. The coherent input of a tuning fork gently supports the body in recognizing and correcting it's own vibrational imbalances.  As a practitioner my job is to find the noise and resistance in the biofield and stay with it until the body auto corrects.  Clients report feeling clear, calm, cleansed, lighter, happier, and unstuck after a BFT session.  Biofield tuning is good for everyone, especially teenagers and children. 

How does it work?

Ellectric Body Attunement is a process that uses sound waves produced by specially designed tuning forks to  restore harmony to the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body.  

A biofield is a field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body.  It is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi,  It is also called the Human Energy Field or Aura.

Subtle energy is a higher harmonic of electromagnetic energy, present wherever electromagnetic energy is.  All of our life experiences, trauma and emotions appear to be stored within this magnetic medium, in what seems to be binary patterns encoded in standing waves.  

I work on your subtle energy ,  but the vibration of the forks also works on your BODY.  The sound balances the body’s energy matrix, and helps to make your systems more coherent and functional, supporting the body in healing itself.  The tuning forks resonate with whatever distortion or dysfunction is present in the body and its field, and then, through the production of a stronger, more coherent frequency, they entrain the body into a more coherent expression as well.

I had the pleasure of talking about Biofield Tuning earlier this year at the Super Human Summit.  Watch it here!

Results are measurable. 

Using sophisticated Biofield Reader technology researchers have found that when there is balance in the field people feel well.  A balanced field appears as lots of yellow, orange and green light indicating vitality.  When a person feels stressed or unwell the field will appear as dark pools or patterns of light, such as reds which indicate congestion or static in the field.  In this before photo note the relative darkness around the third eye, face and throat indicating congestion, mental fatigue, suppressed intuition, and sluggishness. 

In this after photo,  a single tuning session of 45 minutes is enough to dramatically effect the biofield.  Note the improved light in the entire field.  You can see higher levels of greens, oranges and yellows.  Improved white above the crown which indicates a more balanced center here.  A major change around the third eye is evident.  There is still a little work to be done as shown by the remaining reds around the throat center but overall a very good result. 

"I have had chronic pain in my shoulder for years. Since my tuning fork session the pain has completely disappeared. I feel calm and clear."


Andrew Westblade.

Book A Tuning

Are you inspired to feel great?  You can book any of the following Tuning Sessions by following the Book Online Link.  There are several options: NB all sessions are done remotely online during Covid19 restrictions period.


Biofield tuning is not suitable if you are pregnant, have a pace maker or any serious heart condition, have been diagnosed with a serious illness such as Cancer, have metal implants or silicone implants, recently used botox, have recently suffered concussion (within the last 3 months).  Coaching practices are better for these conditions. 

To book your session simply text or call 0487 207 865.

1 hour $129

I will work on one energy center to be determined at the beginning of the session.  

9 x 1 hour sessions $979.00

Tune your entire energy system working through each of the major energy centers (chakras) over a period of about 9 weeks.  There are 9 major centers starting at the feet. I work through each center finally ending with the Crown.  Your entire energy system will be tuned and coherent.  You will feel clear, calm, and balanced. 

3 x 1 hour $349.00

private sessions.  Tune 3 Energy Centers.

9 x 1 hour sessions $979.00

Book a group session for up to 12 people for $250.00  


Conditions that may be improved by Biofield Tuning    

  • Chronic Stress.                       

  • Depression  

  • Anxiety  

  • Fear/phobias ( works best integrated with coachingl)

  • Panic attacks  (works best integrated with coaching)

  • PTSD

  • Chronic Pain.   

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Adrenal stress

  • Digestive issues

  • Menstrual issues

  • Addiction

  • Restless leg syndrome

  • Migraines/headache

  • insomnia



Please note that these claims are based solely on anecdotal evidence.  Biofield Tuning is not intended to be used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is Biofield Tuning a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services.  I perform an assessment and balancing of the body’s energy matrix, supporting the body in healing itself.  Please refer to my Disclaimer for further disclosures.

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