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At Loretta Honeychurch Coaching, I offer an innovative one on one coaching program that helps individuals to quickly bring about  change and growth so they can create the life they love. 

Hi, I’m Loretta

I'm a I am a Breakthrough Coach, a Transformation Specialist and a master of change.

​I'll work with you to change your circumstances, let go of the past,  and teach you how to create a life you love.  

Why Breakthrough Coaching.  Ask yourself this simple question. Do you have what you want in your life or not? IF the answer is NO, then whoever you are being and whatever you are doing right now isn't working for you. If it was you would have what you want. 


I offer a persoanlized approach to helping you change your life so you can achieve your goals and live a happier, more fulfilling life. I understand that change can be overwhelming, but I'm passionate about helping you master it and creating lasting results. My clients come away with a greater sense of clarity and purpose, and the skills to confidently move forward in life.

I have helped people from all over the world make positive and lasting changes in their life by ​

  • teaching them to master their mind and take control of their life

  • using the Breakthrough Program to completely transform

  • helping them release their fears and anxieties

  • putting an end to negative thought patterns and self sabotaging behavior's

  • and helping people leave their past behind

I believe that each person has the potential to create a life of success, happiness and joy. With my guidance and support, I’m confident that you can unlock this potential and make the powerful changes that you’ve been longing for.


Fast Track 

Startup Mindset Transformation Coaching

Successful Work Team

I help business owners and entrepreneurs remove the mental and emotional obstacles that hinder their success so they can focus all of their energy on creating incredible results consistently. If you're considering starting your own business or you're already an entrepreneur this program will fast track you into the right mindset, values and beliefs required to be successful in your new venture.

Get your shit together

Life Transformation Coaching

Is your life a shit show, an endless merri go round of conflicts, failures, bad choices and disappointments. It's ok. The end is near. Just give me three months and your life will be unrecognizable. 

Happy Portrait

Become A Coach

Training details coming soon

If your dream is to help people transform their lives and create a business as a highly sough after coaching professional, this course is for you.  Please Note there are no dates set. Join my mailing list and I'll let you know when the details are confirmed. 

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Are you a seeker?

Inner Quest

Intensive Weekend Coming soon


Why Retreat when you can Expand! Over three days we'll dig deep and explore who you are, what you really want, where you are headed, and how to get there. This weekend is packed with life expanding information, techniques to help you  let go of the past and transform into the person you were meant to BE, DO & HAVE. 

What Clients Say

"In less than eight sessions Loretta helped me clear past burdens of grief, regret and guilt. She helped me break through my fear and realign my beliefs and values so I can be as amazing as I deserve to be. ."

Amanda Glenn

about Loretta

Loretta helps people create lasting change. She's a change expert.  

Loretta provides one on one coaching that’s tailored to your individual needs, helping you to let go of the past and create a compelling vision for your future. 

Loretta lives a full life. She's a mother of a teenager, co owner of a successful manufacturing business,  and loves travel and adventure.  

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