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the most important thing I do everyday is help people live a more fulfilling and joyful life. I offer an innovative one on one mentoring program that helps individuals to quickly bring about change and growth so they can create the life they love. Let go of the past and Be who you are meant to be. DO more of brings you joy.  I work with Women over 50 to reinvent themselves and become the person they are meant to be. 

Hi, I’m Loretta​

I help women over 50 rediscover who they are and then take them on fantastic adventures.

Are you a woman, 50 plus,  who is struggling through an identity crisis.   There are so many things that can contribute to this feeling such as your children have moved out, you are recently divorced or ready for divorce and can't find the courage to leave, have been made redundant, or you are experiencing any other event that has totally derailed your life. You may be feeling like you don't know where you fit in anymore, what your purpose or role in life is.  You know something needs to change but you're not sure what or even how to change. The future may seem uncertain. You want to move forward but you  feel stuck with no options, or like you are invisible and have no purpose or direction.  I know this feeling well. 


Turning 50 can feel like being hit with a sledge hammer.  There's a sudden realization that you are halfway through your life and the next big birthday is 60. I remember feeling so much regret for the things I hadn't done yet, for the life I wanted but hadn't created. I remember thinking, what's it going to be like on the downhill slide of life. I had so much fear about the future.  Who am I now that I'm 50?  What can I do now with time passing me by? My best years are behind me now so what is left? I lost all my confidence. I felt a bit hopeless to be honest.  So many things swirled around in my head. I felt lost, I looked older, my energy level was low, my son no longer needed me in the same way,  When I looked at myself in the mirror I didn't like the person staring back at me. I didn't even recognize the person staring back at me. 

Hear me now!  There is a way through this and on the other side life is magical. 

For 15 years I have been helping women like you expand and evolve. I offer a personalized approach to helping you change your life so you can reconnect to your authentic self and live a happier, more fulfilling life. I understand that change can be overwhelming, but I'm passionate about helping you master it and creating lasting results. My clients come away with a greater sense of clarity and purpose, and the skills to confidently move forward in life.

I have helped people from all over the world make positive and lasting changes in their life by ​

  • teaching them to master their mind and take control of their life

  • using the mentoring program to completely transform

  • helping them release their fears and anxieties

  • putting an end to negative thought patterns and self sabotaging behavior's

  • and helping people leave their past behind and create a compelling and joyful future.

Join me and I will help you rediscover yourself,  and plan the next stage of your journey. We'll answer the big questions -   ‘who’ do I need to become and what do I want to achieve. I will help you feel empowered so you can move forward with purpose. 


My program creates the space and time for you to create ‘who’ you want to be for this new decade so you can live a future that is full of joy and adventure, confidence, courage, authenticity, and self love.   After all, as the saying goes, life begins at 50 right?  Hell yeah!  If you haven't figured this out yet then this program is for you. 

Through my own experiences of self discovery I can tell you walking this planet as the person you know yourself to be is your birthright. Peace, love and joy are your birthright. Self expression is your birthright. Authenticity is your birthright. Walk into your future with me and I'll show you how to rediscover who you really are,  make peace with the past, find the inner strength and faith to take control of your life, and set you on a path of more love, fulfilment and joy!  If you feel inspired and you yearn for something new give me a call. Don't waste another moment. 


Give me a call and lets talk about how this program can work for you.   0486 207 865

Choose the program that's right for you

 Journey back to you.  

Monastery of Santo Toribio

This is a 4 month program where you get to truly, deeply change the trajectory of your life.  70 Percent of this program is person, private one on one coaching.  30 percent is in a group setting. (online)   The first 3 months we work through whatever is not working in your life, let go of past negative emotions and set you up with some great resilience training.  Then we meet in a fantastic location to walk into our futures without the baggage of the past. (pilgrimage optional)  We then come home revitalized and refocused and work on future goals and making dreams come true. 

This September we will be heading to Spain to walk for 6 days on the Camino Trail! 

This course begins July 1st and is open to ten people only.  If the course is full you can join the waiting list and get updates on the next intake


Individual Mentor Program

This is a 3 month program where you get to reinvent yourself and create a new  future.  We work together to resolve the past so you can refocus your energy on creating the next chapter of your life.



Join my membership group to get monthly resources and live conversations about how to live your best life. 

coming soon
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Free Community

Are you a women 50 years or older facing emotional and psychological changes related to life transitions, career changes, redundancy, empty nest syndrome, divorce or spousal death. Do you feel like you are at a major cross road and can’t move forward. Are you being compelled to make major changes in your life but you feel afraid of the next step. 


I want to help you move forward in your life with clarity, purpose, peace and joy. I’ve created this group because I want to gather the energy of women over 50 who are willing to share their journey, share their wisdom, assist each other with compassion and understanding, and a willingness to move into the next phase of life with love and joy, and resilience. I want to create life long bonds that we can all use to walk each other home.

Please join me and my group so we can face life's challenges together.  Click the join button and JOIN US NOW.

This tribe is for you if you know you need to change your life, Your circumstances have changed and you have no control over it. You find change scary, You are in an Identify crisis. Have feelings of purposelessness. Confusion about your role in life. Pain or grief.  Loneliness. Feeling stuck no options. Low self-worth.  Low self esteem.  At a crossroad and feeling fearful about moving forward

We'll talk all things spiritual and mental,  and dive into techniques that will enrich your life and help you rediscover your inner power. Be prepared to share you gifts with our group. 

Coacing Options

Become A Coach

Training details coming soon

If your dream is to help people transform their lives and create a business as a coaching professional, this course is for you.  Please Note there are no dates set. Join my mailing list and I'll let you know when the details are confirmed. 

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What Clients Say

"In less than eight sessions Loretta helped me clear past burdens of grief, regret and guilt. She helped me break through my fear and realign my beliefs and values so I can be as amazing as I deserve to be ."

Amanda Glenn

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