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Are you ready?  Once you begin there is no going back!

Lesson one

The Law of Cause and Effect

Have you ever asked yourself, "who is controlling my life?"  "Who is driving the bus?" 

If it's not you then who is?  In this lesson we explore the law of Cause and Effect, and how it influences the results you experience in your life. This is a powerful concept and once you grasp it and apply it to your life you will see dramatic changes.

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Are you at Cause for your life?  Are you at Cause for the creation of your problem? 


Write a declaration in your journel -   I, ..........................................,  am at Cause for my life.  I am responsible for everything I have  created in my life. I create my life in a joyful and loving way.

Signed.....................................  Date...................................





(not Results)


control in your life!

The Process of Change






If you ask most people if they like Change they will say no.  Change is uncomfortable.  Change is stressful. They like things the way they are.  Change can be a difficult and challenging experience.  And the news is, you're hardwired for change.  Hard wired to always want more and more. You are Energy in motion.  Change is inevitable.  If you were aware of the process of change it's possible that when you're experiencing it, and you're in the trenches, you may actually have some control over it. Lets look at the Process of Change. Click PLAY

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

A - Comfort Zone

B - Questions arise. New Desire to change

C - Breakthrough occurs with 1st successful result

D - Mastery. New level of self awareness.  Mastery repeats itself

The Process of Change is constant.

The Process of Life














Change is inevitable.  Whether it's because you desire something new in your life, or it's forced apon you by crisis, it is a part of life.  It's the process of the unfoldment of who you are.  I look at change as the step ladder to enlightenment. With each cycle you awaken more to who you are and what you are capable of.  Every experience has a higher purpose.  What is it. Get the learning and move on.


Foster Self love and Self care.  Self Love and Self Care are spiritual practices.  Both are an act of Self Awareness.   Most people don't love themselves.  Not loving yourself keeps you separate from who you are and separate from your potential.   It's not possible to accept yourself fully with out self love. Without self love you will constantly violate your beliefs and values because self love acts as a compass.  Living in fear is not self loving. 


Do this powerful exercise everyday for 3 weeks:  Stand in front of the mirror.  Look directly into you right eye and say "I Love You."   Then look into your left eye and say "I Love You."  By doing this you are looking directly into your soul, and communicating directly with your unconscious mind to change your belief from 'I don't love myself" to "I love myself."  Remember, your unconscious mind believes everything you say about yourself.  I promise that in 3 weeks you experience a powerful shift.    ( I do this daily )


Small Self Love Hacks to do daily-

  • if you feel negative LOOK UP AND SMILE, and BREATHE.  And hold that pose for a while.

  • eliminate negative self talk.

  • eliminate all judgement.  Just let things be.   Try this for one week.  Try 'not judgement".  Allow yourself to be a witness.

  • eliminate decisions that do not contribute to your best and highest good.

  • eliminate activities that do not contribute to your best and highest good.

  • make others around you feel good about themselves.

  • take care of your body - eat nourishing food.   Get adequate sleep. Exercise daily. Meditate

  • take care of your mind - read nourishing books.




Gratitude is more than just the thought of being thankful for what you have.  And while it's nice to write in your gratitude journal, the real power lies in bringing your body into a state of gratitude.  


There are three reasons why I practice gratitude. The first reason is because gratitude is a powerful way to connect to the divine, if that is what you are seeking.

The second reason is, gratitude forces us to focus on what is right right now.  You are training your Reticular Activating System to find more of what is right instead of what is not right. 

And the third reason is that gratitude has the power to immediately halt a stress response.  When you go into a state of gratitude you flip the switch and change your frequency.   Try being hateful when you are in a state of gratitude.  You cannot be grateful and hateful at the same time.  Same goes for sadness, or anger.  

Studies have shown that gratitude actually affect the physical world immediately, including the human body.  You can see this demonstrated in the video below which shows Dr. Masaru Emoto's famous "Hidden in Water' experiments.  

Practice gratitude daily so that it becomes a part of your routine.  Take a moment to sit quietly and focus your attention on your heart space.  Bring to mind things that you are grateful for.  Feel the feeling of gratitude.  Breath deeply into your abdomen and breath in gratitude.  Gratitude has the power to halt a stress response.   The state of Gratitude induces a deep sense of calm and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.  Gratitude is healing. 

Gratitude as meditation

Find a place to sit quietly.  Get comfortable. Take a deep breath, relax and close your eyes.


Focus your attention on your heart chakra, and imagine all the things that had to happen that day to support your life. For example, if you enjoyed a cup of coffee for breakfast, think of everything that had to happen for you to have that coffee. Think of the person who grew it and the work they did to produce it. Do this for the clothes you wear, the house you live in, the car you drive, the food you eat, and every other detail in your life.


Imagine all the details of all the lives that have worked so that you could have the things you need or desire, so you can have the experiences you have every day, so that you are supported everyday to live the your life.


Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes, longer if you wish. Feel the feeling of gratitude in you body, imagine your cells lighting up, rejuvenating, refreshing. Now take some time to think of all the things you have done to support other people's lives. This is a very self-loving exercise. This is a more powerful way to experience gratitude than by writing it down. It brings gratitude into the body and you will notice a great shift when you do this daily.

The Gratitude Handle

Gratitude can be used as a tool to resolve irritation.  Look at your life and your current circumstances.  Pick something that is causing you to feel irritated.  This heightened irritation is a signal that this situation is calling for resolution.   To resolve it, consider that within this problem there is something to be grateful for.  You are looking for the learning.  If you search long enough it will appear. Be grateful for the learning.  The moment you find gratitude the irritation will be released and in it's place will be unconditional love.  

1. Pick a situation in your life that causes you irritation.  Write it down.

2.  Take two minutes to brainstorm things to be grateful for in that situation.  The trick is to do it quickly.  Don't judge your responses. 

3.  Read the list and really focus on it.  Get the learning.  Move on.

The Power Of Positive Emotions

Through the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The results were nothing short of remarkable.   What he observed was that water exposed to loving and grateful energy the water crystals arranged themselves into beautiful patterns.  Conversely,  when exposed to hateful and negative energy the crystals arranged themselves into chaos and disharmony. 


 Watch this vodeo - then consider that your body is 70% water.  You have the power to change the chemisty in your body using your emotions.



Today I am thankful for my life.   Regardless of what my life looks like at this time, regardless of what my past story is,  I know that every experience is occurring exactly the way it is supposed to for my highest good.  Each experience is a necessary part of the unfolding of who I am.   I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, actions and results.  I am the Cause of all the effects in my life.  

Today I am thankful for my life.  Today I am grateful for ...............(fill in the blank).............

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