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Loretta came into my life at a time when I was enjoying record business growth and steady success in the Entertainment industry. At the same time I was carrying a huge burden of new responsibility both in my work and on the home front. I worked 7 days a week, 8-12 hours a day.

At the time I felt fine. I was addicted to “coping” and I was convinced nobody could cope as well as I did. So when I had the opportunity to begin working with Loretta I admit I was resistant. I had all the plates in the air and I was not prepared to acknowledge any vulnerability in case they all came crashing down. Now I realise that that ‘Mighty Me’ feeling was based on pure adrenalin and it frightens me to realise just how long and how intensely I had been in the fight or flight state and what damage I must have been doing to my body all that time.

Eventually, you guessed it, I had a massive fall. Not only did I lose my health and embark on a long and tedious recovery, but I also lost the home I had put together so carefully and I was forced to put my exciting, special and important business on hold.

I was taken by ambulance to hospital at midnight from my home in Melbourne and to this day I have never been back.  Someone else packed my house into storage. Someone else drove my car interstate for me. I had nothing left. I was afraid and I was smack bang in the middle of my own dark night of the soul.   When I was released from hospital some 4 months later it was Loretta who was there to help me find my way. I was ready and we arranged to spend some time.

My sessions with Loretta turned out to be the most precious time I have ever spent doing anything. She is direct, clear and very effective. She will work at your pace and nudge you when necessary. Her Break Through methods are based in a range of teachings old and new and as soon as you begin you know you are in the midst of something special. Her results come quickly. I’m not exaggerating, sometimes immediately, or across hours or days. And her sessions are remarkably short. I’ve experienced a number of her methods - tuning fork therapy, biofield clearing and time line therapy. We have worked in her studio and also remotely from 1000km apart. It feels like magic and it just might be.  Most profound of all, the benefits are lasting and also set you on your own path of discovery. I continue to find new information about myself and I’m attracting into my life the very things I’ve dreamed of and people of like mind and belief.

I also see Loretta’s influence already effecting my grown-up children in powerful ways, through me. They no longer worry for me, or about me and they are taking on some of the principles themselves. I see their lives coming into focus with new confidence and self-realisation.
In less than eight sessions Loretta helped me clear past burdens of grief, regret and guilt. She helped me break through my fear and realign my beliefs and values so I can be as amazing as I deserve to be. I’m a work in progress and I have more to discover and more work to do but I cannot begin to explain how smoothly I pass through my days now and how excited I am for the future. How unaffected I am by other people’s drama. How clearly I see my life and how unconfused I am about the future.

Today I live in Brisbane and I am embracing all the talents I’d put on hold for business reasons. I have a publisher interested in my writing and I’m working on a new online tutorial series aimed at singers. I also have a new business working with couples preparing for marriage. I feel more whole, safe and valued than I have ever felt.

Amanda OBrien
Director, OZLINK Talent

A friend recommended me to contact Loretta at a moment when I felt as if I was unable to follow any direction forward in my life.  At the end of my work with Loretta I basically knew again where I was heading, and gained a sense of confidence I did not know I could have. A sense of confidence not grounded in arrogance but acceptance and kindness.


Loretta’s approach and work are not like anything you might have experienced before in any type of therapy or healing process. What I liked the most about working with Loretta is that she guides you with wisdom so you find the answers and solution by yourself. She doesn’t offer advice, she does not provide the solution, she helps you find what is already in you. The uniqueness of Loretta’s work is that the outcomes grow and evolve as part of the process.  There are no expectations, no set thinking about how the entire process will unfold. The only promise Loretta gives you is that she will work with you until your issue/problem will be solved.  At the first session I almost thought “how this can be possible?”, but then I decided to just trust the process and I let me be guided by Loretta’s wisdom and open heart. It is impossible not to get results when you work with someone like Loretta as she has done the work herself to get to that kind of wisdom. There are moments when you feel her open heart so intensely and then you discover that you have it too, grounded, opened and honest.     


If you are prepared to do the work and follow the wisdom that Loretta shares and the love she is able to transmit, and take full responsibility for the process you will never regret to have started this path. 


As a result of working with Loretta I feel I am now a more confident and compassionate person towards myself and others, I respect more myself and I have overall a sense of peace and acceptance of who I am. My relationship with others is more balanced and the only compromise I subscribe to is to be true to myself.


After working with Loretta I feel I am more equipped to face life-challenges but also to fully live with honesty who I am.


When I entered my first meeting with Loretta I thought she would offer solutions and advice for my problem, but I ended up finding a new way of living that came out of meeting and working with an extraordinary human being and realising that I am as extraordinary as her. Thank you Loretta and may your work benefit more people in the future.

With gratitude

Maria Grazia (PhD)

Orientation and Mobility Specialist at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

I sought out coaching because I was struggling.  I wasn't happy.  I didn't know who I was or what I was mean't to be doing.  I needed to find myself again, to discover who I am meant to be.  I had heard great things about Loretta so I went for a free consultation and loved her no nonsense way.  I felt so comfortable in  the beautiful space she had created.


After about 6 session I felt the problem had been resolved.  I liked the  straight forward, no Bullshit way Loretta approached my coaching.

My coaching experience was AMAZING AND FREEING.  The Biofield tuning was a new and unknown experience for me but I definitely noticed the difference after each Biofield session, mostly the sensation of feeling lighter.  I had about 3 sessions of tuning before we began the Breakthrough and It helped me to be more open to the coaching itself.

I would and have recommended Loretta to work colleagues, friends and family, basically anyone who wants more out of life but feels stuck and needs a little nudge.   Loretta is amazing and seems to know exactly what is needed to help you move forward and become the person you are meant to be."

Shelley Bourke

I had asked Loretta for help regarding a situation at work, which led me to consider what her work could indeed offer me. I was at a point in my life/career where I was working towards a major promotion and long-term complex working role. I was feeling unprepared, and a little stuck.  I felt I had untapped potential that lay within me to create more possibilities and opportunities in my life.  I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back.  

The work I did with Loretta was life changing.  Before my Breakthrough I would not have believed I could possibly achieve what it did.  – Because of the transformation I experienced I continue to live an improved life. I don't feel anger and anxiety over issues I did before I have a sense of calm and confidence I have not felt before - ever.

I really liked Loretta’s coaching style. She has a no-BS approach.  She was able to clearly address all the paradigms I had created that held me back.  I left the coaching with a broader understanding of who I was, and with the tools I needed to keep achieving my goals. I am a much stronger person now.

I have recommended this to my colleagues who have a multitude of interpersonal and intrapersonal challenges in their working life, so they can develop themselves and others. This work is not for the feint hearted or closed minds - but for those who wish to embrace real and lasting change for the better.

Jennifer Anne Parrett

Principle . James Fallon  High School

"Before seeing Loretta I had come to a place in my life where I felt stuck; both in my career and my personal development. I had passed Loretta's office door many times and finally one day wrote down her number and made the call. From the first moment I saw Loretta I felt at ease and intuitively knew this was the person I needed to work with. 


Loretta gently and professionally guided me through the Breakthrough Program. Over those weeks I was provided with resources (books, ideas, lesson modules, personal challenges, etc) and regular discussions that help me to identify patterns in my life and barriers that were not obvious to me as well as uncovering new and exciting opportunities for growth. A very inspiring time!! 


I love the safe and calm space Loretta creates, the gentle unfolding of new understanding of self and the feeling of shifts in thinking and beliefs. Loretta has given me a greater understanding of me; how I perceive things, how I process things and what holds me back. I learnt new techniques to challenge myself and to learn more about who I really am. I am deeply grateful to her and cannot recommend her highly enough."


Sally Wray-McCann

Before working with Loretta, I felt overwhelming feelings of sadness, yet I didn’t know why.


Since my Breakthrough sessions, I feel an inner warmth and delight within myself. I have been able to move forward rapidly in both my personal and business achievements.  I liked the space Loretta held for me to overcome my limiting unconscious beliefs. It was a safe, caring, nurturing space. I felt like someone truly cared and wanted me to succeed and would go the extra mile for me.


The benefits from doing this work have been a feeling of freedom and lightness. It’s like a fog lifted from a part of my world that I was stuck in and I couldn’t find my way out alone, I needed an expert to guide me. I would not have been able to solve this problem on my own because I couldn’t see through the fog.


The wonderful part about Loretta’s work was that for me, the client, it was easy …. All I had to do was trust and allow Loretta to guide me and she did that beautifully.

Sally Permazel.

Personal Coach at Assertively You Coaching

"I came to see Loretta after meeting her initially a few years ago. I got the feeling she had her shit together which I really admired and must say was envious of.  Fast forward to late last year when I saw a Facebook post about her Coaching Business. I was at a place in my life where I need some help sorting through some issues I had with work and family.  I loved that she offered to meet with me just to determine if we could work together, and to see if she could help me.  Loretta had a no nonsense approach to helping me sort through what I needed to let go of and what needed more focus.  I didn’t need to spend hours sharing my life story or regurgitating traumatic events.   She told me it was going to be hard, and it was, but I felt safe and heard and the sessions were solution focused.  It’s hard to describe how I’ve changed since meeting with Loretta, but I think she has helped me focus on my goals, helped my confidence and I definitely care a lot less about the small stuff.  I love her honesty, her sense of humor and her genuine and infectious love for what she does.  I’d recommend her to anybody who is stuck or going around in circles. Just call and have a chat with her.  Loretta has a perspective and insight about the world that we can all benefit from."

Michelle Montgomery

Primal Alternative

“I was ready to start a new business but I recognized patternS in my life that concerned me. I was very good at starting things however not always completing them!  I felt stuck and was very determined to change it. I had this burning desire to follow my passion and start my own business,  although I was unsure how to do it.  A dear friend recommended Loretta to me.  Loretta’s skills, techniques and amazing knowledge has helped me enormously. She helped me let go of the things that were keeping me stuck, and showed me powerful techniques for writing goals, focusing on what I want.  Thank you Loretta, for guiding me on the road that I was looking for and I’m happily moving ahead."


Michelle Luff

"I found Loretta exactly at a time when I needed help with where I was.  My work was causing me distress and my life and relationships were not going in the direction I had imagined they should.  I felt that I was trapped and I had lots of things going around and around in my head.

Loretta’s name appeared in my life a couple of times by coincidence - or not, and I decided that I would have a meeting with her to see if she would be able to help me move forward.  


 I liked her straight forward approach and her honesty and the way she presented a different way of looking at situations and ideas.  Loretta promised me that the work we needed to do wouldn’t be easy but would be worth it.  And it was. Together we worked through what was causing my conflict: my long held beliefs and,  events from the past that were holding me back and creating repeating patterns of negative behaviours. Our sessions together were confronting, direct and honest but I really enjoyed the path of discovery and always looked forward to our next session together.

It’s hard to describe but my breakthrough has given me a fresh perspective on my life and where I am going.  I have discovered a strength in who I am, and a lot of turmoil and confusion has been replaced with a quiet peace and determination to live my life on my terms.  This, combined with the Biofield tuning has left me feeling fresh and light with a positive sense of direction in my life.

I can’t thank Loretta enough and would thoroughly recommend anyone who is looking for real and lasting change to contact her and have a chat.  Go on and make the move!"

Meredith Neilson

"If you have ever met this woman, then you know that writing a testimonial is the least I can do. For those looking for a sign to engage... this is it.  In November of 2011 my mum died of heart disease at age 50.  We didn't even know she was sick. I was 27, my sister 24 and 7 months pregnant, and my brother (her best friend) a mere 22.  Needless to say we were all devastated but I was a special kind of devastated.  My mum and I had a tumultuous relationship, one of over promise, under deliver and I held a lot of blame and anger towards her, so much so that we hadn't spoken for almost a year when she suddenly died.  All of that blame and anger turned to guilt and anger at myself.


I've gotten to know Lou over the past 6 months and really had no idea of her abilities which shows how humble and graceful she is at heart. But one night, while coaching me in other areas of my life, Loretta asked me if I wished to connect with my mother.  Little did she know (or did she?) this was all I had ever secretly wanted.  I had a deep desperation to resolve and repair my relationship with my mother and no amount of talking to myself had seemed to work over the years.


Lou connected me in such a beautiful way, by being the medium, through which I had the most profound experience of my life.  Loretta shared with me my mum's words and emotions in a way that I just knew without a shadow of a doubt, I was connected with my mum again, words were said that I will carry with me until the day I die.


I cannot thank Lou enough for the connection she provided me that honestly saved my life. I strongly encourage you to take the same step and feel the warmth and beauty of Loretta's abilities for yourself.  As I write this, I am filled with gratitude and love for this experience and will continue to live it and feel it for the rest of my life.


Thank you Lou, with everything I am."

Marnie Kay - Toronto.   Author of Belief is The New Black.

“Since having children, my energy levels were at an all-time low and I was having difficulty coping with the demands of everyday life.  Stress, illness and motherhood had taken their toll and ultimately my health.  I needed a massive kick start.   One coaching session with Loretta and my entire mental framework shifted to the positive, impacting my body’s ability to heal itself.  I can’t believe the scope of change I experienced.  I have since regained all the energy I used to have, am back to exercising and able to focus again at work.  Just as important, the change in me has had a positive ripple affect on my family and my relationships. Thanks Lou for giving me back my life”  -

Lainie Gilby Anderson - Byron Bay

Marketing Guru at The Sunglass Fix

"I was really feeling stuck in my life.  The coaching I did  with Loretta was life changing.  After working with her, I felt so much more connected to who I truly am.   Loretta creates a safe space, skillfully and ease-fully guiding clients to truth and understanding.  I value her grounded, passionate, wise and intuitive approach to this powerful, life changing work. Whenever I feel stuck, unbalanced, or stressed I call on Lou to help me uncover what's really going on internally.  Our relationship is ongoing as I continue to peel away the layers.  I am blessed by the ripple effect this work has had on my life, my family and my relationships, and if you are ready for change- embrace it now.  I highly recommend working with Loretta Honeychurch."  


Shelly Fruend,  Owner - Somatic Freedom

I was in a terrible state when I reached out to Loretta for help.  I had just left my job due to stress, I was experiencing panic attackes that were debilitating: I couldn't leave my house or drive my car. My life was on hold. 


I chose loretta because I trust in natural therapies. I didn't want to take medication and Loretta was highly recommended to me.  Negative emotions were destroying my life and my health,  and I needed to let them go. I knew loretta could help, and that it was time for me to do so.


I can't express enough about my experience, how wonderful I feel. Within 3 sessions I was back in my car driving, shopping and enjoying life again.  It made me understand all the stuff I had in my head was of no benefit to me. It also gave me power to say, 'it's ok to let things go.'  Most of all she restored my trust in myself.


Loretta you are with out a doubt, a very special person, so full of love and light. The trust you let me have in you and for the trust you saw in me. My every day is so bright now. With so many positive powerful thoughts. Learning to listen to your body is a true gift. My experience was so profoundly positive. I would say to anyone trust in your self to let go, and trust and love in others that want to help you.


Loretta's support is ongoing. I highly recommend working with her."


Julie Files

I am very much enjoying my life after my Program.  I can certainly feel more calmness to my day, more joy in my life and more intense concentration in my work. I am flabbergasted at how easy these changes have happened however I am also believing that I was well and truly ready to change.

It has allowed me to make better decisions for myself, get rid of self doubt and no longer take interest in what other people think about me. This has also led to less anxiety and better relationships in my life. I have seen changes in my son due to my communication and skills being able to share some of these learnings with him and him taking them onboard in his day to day life. His schoolwork has improved in leaps and bounds, his joy of life has improved and his relationship with his sister is pure love rather than feeling intimidated by her achievements. Maybe these would have come about anyway but I am putting it down to the work we did. 

The pain in my shoulder has also disappeared following the Bioforks tuning!

Thanks for everything, you have a big fan in what you are teaching and I feel like my eyes have been opened wide to a new world, a world without expectations or judgement particularly of myself.


Andrew Westblade

Director/Finance Consultant


Due to unforeseen circumstances I had reached an impasse in life.  I was facing an uncertain future.  I needed something new in my life but I wasn't sure what it was or how to make it happen. I chose the Breakthrough Coaching Package because it seemed relevant to my situation.  I've had coaching before but this was different. Breakthrough coaching utilizes my own power.   Working with Loretta I achieved a major breakthrough.  The valuable result was that I am able to forge ahead in life with renewed certainty and clarity. I highly recommend this package and Loretta's  considerate style of coaching.

Alec English -  Sydney

Duvare Business Consulting.

If you're looking to get results that stick, Loretta is the one you need to see! Just recently I was having a block in my life and  I could not see how I was going to get around it.  Within a few coaching sessions with Lou she was able to help me understand what I needed to do to change so I could get the results I was looking for.   Within a months time my business DOUBLED thanks to her guidance and expertise.  I am forever grateful for Loretta’s services and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have lasting change!!!

Chris Messenger,  Toronto Canada.

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