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The ultimate pilgrim experience
The ultimate pilgrim experience
The Pilgrim Transformation
The ultimate pilgrim experience

Imagine 8 days of uninterrupted peace where you get to be nobody, nowhere, in no time, to just be yourself!

Picture this - you've just spent 6 weeks in the coaching program working with me to let go of your past, resolve conflicts, dissolve attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you, and really getting to know yourself.  You're emotional load is light, and your stress level diminished.  You feeling happy and excited about life.  You feel centered, grounded and whole. You feel new. 

You've travelled to Spain and joined a group of 10 inspired women who are ready for soul nurturing, life changing adventure and fun. For one week you are nobody. You have no ties, no responsibilities, no deadlines, no expectations, no draining engagements. Just you and the road, and your fellow pilgrims. 

Now imagine this new version of yourself walking an ancient trail, the only baggage you're carrying is your day pack. You're  connected to your Camino community who are there to support you.   All you have to do is enjoy quiet, contemplative walks, talking, laughing, soaking up the landscape,  dining in the local cafes and restaurants. 

The Camino is the perfect metaphor for renewal. The first day of the hike marks the day you begin the walk into your future. You are nobody , no where, in no time. You can become whoever you want to be.   Each day will be challenges, reminding us that life is challenging. It will stretch you and test you but you'll be ok because you'll have access to new inner resources and energy.  During the walk we will practice our new found flexibility of behavior so challenges will be easily completed without stress.  Each day will bring something new. Each day we will walk into our future free of our story from the past. 

This September we will be heading to Spain to walk for 5 days on the Camino Trail! 

This coaching course begins August 1st and is open to ten people only.  If the course is full you can join the waiting list and get updates on the next intake. 

If you are feeling the call for more, craving for renewed purpose and meaning in your life, if you want to get really clear about who you are and what you want, and to feel excited about the future with renewed confidence, this program is for you. 

My program has worked for me personally and it has worked for my clients. For the past 14 years I have been mentoring women who feel their sense of self has disappeared and they don’t quite know where they fit or what is next.


I want to share my own success strategies with you and help you rediscover who you are so you can live the next chapter of your life with ease and grace, find more peace, love and joy in every day. I want you to feel, with certainty, that you have the power to begin your life again, aligned to your true wants and desires, with confidence and clarity.  

I will teach you how to be a master of change.

Step off the mouse wheel and walk into your future with me and I will share everything I know about creating positive and lasting change. Together we will discover what is at the core of your challenges and find solutions that stick.

Introductory offer 

Get 50% Off

Coaching only!

The Camino Transformation is

a 10 week program where you get to truly, deeply change yourself and the trajectory of your life. 

70% of this program is in person, private 1:1 coaching. 

30% is in a group setting. (online) 

At no time will I discuss your personal details with any member of the group, or ask you to share your details with anyone. Your time with me is 100% confidential. 


 The first 6 weeks we work through whatever is not working in your life, let go of past negative emotions, resolve internal conflicts, get clear on what is truly important to you and create action steps to massive change.   Then we meet in a fantastic location to walk into our futures without the baggage of the past.   

We return home revitalized, refocused and ready to work on future goals and making dreams come true.

Your investment, including the hike accommodation 

   The Coaching Program is : US$1500

The Hike Accommodation is : US$1000 

Total price is: US$2,500

(In addition to this you are responsible for airfares, travel insurance, hiking gear, food and spending money.)

For a limited time, I am offering the program for US$1,750, a savings of US$750.

I recommend you commit to this program early as it will require some pre-training. You will be given access to all training and equipment guides.  


The Hike

The route this year is from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela through the beautiful hilly landscapes of Galicia.  Over 8 days you'll experience the beauty of the landscape and the comradery of the group. 


day one - our first day together. We'll meet and get to know each other.  There will be a Women's Cirlce where we will discuss our Breakthroughs and symbolically let go of the past. 


day two - we begin our walk and spend five days on the trail. Mornings will begin early with warm up exercises, and throughout the day we'll do walking meditations,  and each day you will receive a specific question to contemplate. The majority of the hike will be yours to experience in your own way.

Day 7 - 8 Regroup in Santiago and debrief the hike. Spend time in Santiago, attend the Pilgrims Mass.

- Cost Per Person Sharing a Double/Twin Room:- $1000 US  (1400AUD)

Price Includes pre booked accommodation
- 8 nights in rooms with en suite
- Breakfasts included
- One piece of luggage per person transferred along the Camino
- Camino Travel Pack
- 24/7 support from our bilingual trvel organizer

Accomodation must be paid in full at time of booking


Your Accommodation
- Hand-picked accommodation

- Mainly small, family-run hotels & inns located on or close to the Camino.
- En suite facilities; please note showers are the norm


The Camino Transformation 

is not for the faint of heart.  You must be ready to give up your story and willing to do the work. You will be expected to do some pre hike training. You will be given resources to help you prepare everything from your fitness to your luggage requirements.  Remember your luggage will be transported between hotels so you only have to carry your day pack.  

Sarria to Santiago de Compostela is the last 100 km of the Camino trail. The hours on the trail vary each day although the average is about 6 hours depending on your pace.  We leave early so we can arrive early for rest and relaxation.


If you plan to join this program you must financially commit within the next 2 weeks.  

I know you have questions. Please feel free to email me at

ph or text : 0487 207 865

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