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Lesson Three

Know Thy Self

Perception is Projection.  Change how you see yourself and you change the way you see everything.

When you understand how this works you will be able to begin a meaningful journey of self-discovery and learning, of self acceptance and self love.


It’s call Perception is Projection.   Also known as the Mirror Principle.    I want you to consider this – everything that you experience in your model of the world is really a projection of your own perception.  


Carl Jung popularized the idea that what we see in other people is actually a mirror image of ourselves. 

He said, “ Just as we assume that the world is as we see it, we naively suppose that people are as we imagine them to be.”   


So, what he is saying is that what we see outside of ourselves is at some level a reflection of who we are.   We only see others through the filters of our model of reality. 

Task -  Do this exercise  everyday for one week. 

Listen to the audio explaining the Perception 

is Projection concept

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Use the Mirror Process technique to overcome self judgement and judgement of others. 

The Shadow Principle.

You are the darkness,

you are the light.


You are here to know yourself fully and completely.

You are Perfect.


As you become self aware try and make a list of the elements of your self that live in your shadow and in your light. Remember these are traits or qualities that are hidden from self.  

The True nature of  'I am....." and how to make it a powerful force in your life.

How many times a day do you use the statement, "I am............."   And have you paid attention to the words you use after "I am...." .  It  typically sounds like this,  "I am depressed""I am sad", "I am unhappy", "I am stupid", "I am........", and the list goes on.  Rarely is "I am"  followed by positive, life affirming words. 

Words are very powerful.  They effect your nervous system.  They become what you believe about yourself.  Words create and determine  your reality.  Remember also that the unconscious mind controls and maintains all perceptions including self perceptions, and takes everything personally without judgement.  So when you say things like "I am stupid",  your unconscious mind doesn't respond with "oh, of course you're not."  It thinks, ok, I'm stupid.  I can do stupid. I'll just continue doing stupid if that's what you want. 

The words "I am......." also have profound meaning and can have a very powerful effect on your life.  So read the PDF below and do the "I am.............." exercise as part of your daily routine.

1. Read the I Am lesson

2.  Task

Make a list of all the negative 'I am's' you have said to yourself.  Become conscious of using them, and when you use them.  Under what circumstances do you tend to use them.   Now create a daily practice of repeating only powerful, positive and life affirming 'I am's".    Notice a profound change in your life when you choose to live as the Light.

The Little Soul and the Sun
by Neale Donald Walsch
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Take time now to listen to this narration of The Little Souls and the Sun.  It takes about 15 minutes.

4. It's time to Forgive.

"to forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you".  unknown author

Forgiveness is the act of letting go of the bitterness within yourself.  When we hold a grudge we are emotionally bound to that person.  It takes a lot of your life force energy to keep that in your nervous system.  Forgiveness is really a decision that we make to release the negative emotions and resolve the grudge.  It doesn't mean you have to embrace the person who committed the crime against you or forget the crime.  It means that you can let go of the bitterness and move forward.  Until you forgive you will have a portion of your energy tied up in the past. 

In Jung's definition of "The Shadow Aspect' our limiting aspects onto others, thereby disowning them.  In this contest all forgiveness is self forgiveness.  As you forgive you reclaim the rejected aspects of yourself.  You are reclaiming your whole self as you evolve and grow. 


In the context of the Mirror Principle, as you look at the mirror of life, and consider the perceived wrong doing against you, remember that if you want to see something different on the outside you must make the change from the inside.  Forgiveness gives you access to your inner world and allows you to shift who you are being.  Once you do this the reflection will change on the outside and the perceived crime against you will have no power. 


If you find it difficult to forgive some one consider that you have not yet  healed the wound that the person has brought to your attention.   Forgiveness is a tool to heal the wound and release it.  

The paradox is that when you have truly forgiven someone you can become grateful to that person for providing a reflection of what needed to be healed inside us. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful choices we can make.  

All forgiveness is self forgiveness.  

The lesson from Little Soul in The Sun is clear.  People show up in our lives so we can know who we are.

The Forgiveness Blessing

Finding Peace amidst the Pain:  why is it that we find forgiveness difficult.  Maybe it's because no one has ever really shown you how to do it.  The Forgiveness Blessing is a powerful and simple technique for releasing pain through forgiveness.  We have two choices when dealing with life’s hurts .  Yes, we choose – always.


We can mask or bury the hurt and allow it to slowly destroy us, or accept the healing that comes from acknowledging life’s hurt. Then we can move on. 

Try the Forgiveness Blessing as a Self Healing Tool

Affirmation for the week.


Today I will practice non-judgment.   Throughout the day I will remind myself to not judge, to not predetermine, and to remain open to possibility.   Today I will  focus my attention and intention on the present.  I will become open to giving and receiving.  There is no limit to what might occur, if I allow myself to remain open.   Today I will enjoy the potential that is present in every idea and every action.  Today I am grateful for.........................

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