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Biofield tuning is not recommended for  women who are pregnant, or if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, have a pacemaker, have had concussion in the last 3 months, have metal implants, or botox or silicone implants.

1 single session, tune 1 Chakra.


 Session usually take about  1 hour.  I'll either intuitively decide which chakra to work on or I'll ask you what's going on in your life, or you can tell me which chakra you would like to work on.  You will have an undeniable and pleasurable experience of shifting energy. 



 Chakra Bliss  - biofield Tuning for the 7 major Chakra's over 6 sessions

Each Chakra has a different expression and holds information in the field related to that expression. For example, the Heart Chakra relates to giving and receiving love, self centeredness, forgiveness, compassion, hope, trust. 

When static, created by past negative or traumatic experiences,  is held in the field related to the heart chakra you may experience resentment, anger, bitterness or loniliness.  Biofield tuning restores harmony to the biofield and often releases stuck emotions.

Option A - Chakra Bliss

Commit to 7 Chakras over 6 sessions  ( 1 hour per session)

Pay as you go $120.00  (total $720.00)

Option B - Chakra Bliss 

Committ to 7 Chakras over 6 sessions  

Pay in full - $660 Save $60

Sonic Meridian Flush

If you're feeling sluggish reset your system with a Sonic Meridian Flush. Using specially designed tuning forks the Sonic meridian flush helps to reset and stimulate your energetic system. We work on the 12 primary meridians and 2 vessels. For overall health and well being.


This treatment takes about 1 hour.

Full Body Reset

Our energy system is influenced by our environment and our emotions. When our system is out of balance we feel it as unease, fatigue, depletion. Restore harmony with a Full Body reset.  10 sessions includes biofield tuning on 7 major chakra's, the Sonic Meridian flush, The Spinal Walk, the Adrenal Reset and Liver Zap.  After your treatment you can expect to feel calm, harmonious, refreshed, clear, balanced, relaxed.

Option A - Full Body Reset

 ( 1 hour per session)

Pay as you go $99.00  (total $995.00)

Option B - Full Body Reset

 (1 hour per session) 

Pay in full - $895.00  Save $100.

"Everyone knows I'm really into using alternative methods to keep my mind, body and soul from going crazy. I had such an incredible experience with Lou the day before yesterday.. I've never in my life felt so deeply relaxed! I've slept so well over the last 2 nights when I thought I was going to go insane about leaving! Please do yourselves a favor and go and see her for a balance! You will not regret it!." - Emma.

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