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Practitioner Certification - NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapy.

3 Day Hypnosis Certification Training


Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool for personal change, as well as an invaluable tool for therapy. You will learning how to utilize the power of the Unconscious Mind to create positive effortless change at a deep level.

NLP Practitioner Certification Training


At this training you will learn the most powerful, cutting-edge techniques in creating long-lasting change in yourself and in others. You will learn strategies and tools that will allow you to increase your wealth, improve your health and create the inter-personal relationships you desire. You will be certified at the Practitioner level in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching. Your certification will be recognised by The American Board of NLP, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The Time Line Therapy® Association.

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training


At this intensive training you will learn the most advance and innovative processes and strategies for creating long lasting change in the world. You will learn techniques such as Quantum Linguistics, Values, Meta-programs, Advanced Sub-modalities and Advanced Strategies. You will also be taught the most effective and powerful techniques for creating change in the world today. You will be certified at the Master Practitioner level in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching. Your certification will be recognised by The American board of NLP, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The Time Line Therapy® Association.




What do our  graduates think -


"I thorougly enjoyed being a part of Loretta's training.  She assisted me to believe in myself and my abilities, and have the confidence to push my boundaries.  I enjoyed her warm, friendly nature and professional delivery of the program.     If you're looking for some awesome personal development/growth, a new way to see the world, or maybe a new way to interact or operate at work, then check out this course. I highly recommend it and the enormously talented teacher/trainer Loretta Honeychurch! You won't be disappointed. I loved it so much I am working towards becoming a trainer  and then a Master Trainer.    I am more than happy to recommend this training to anyone interested in NLP."

Kellie Newell.



"I absolutley loved the course.  Loretta delivered the course content in a way that I understood it.  It was exciting and interesting and I want to learn more.  Her reassurance along the way really helped me to "let go" and go with the flow.  I've learn't to really be true.  Her vast knowledge and skill are inspirational.  It's just what I needed to take my business to the next level.  Thank you."


Michelle Luff



"Loretta's teachings were of the highest order.  Her firm, positive, caring energy flowed through all parts of our training.  I am looking forward applying this course to my coaching business.  Thank you so much."


Paul Coleman



"I took this training with Loretta in 2015 to compliment my healing practice.  It was one of the most rewarding courses I have ever done.  Loretta's ability to teach the techniques is outstanding. She is very thorough and I found the material easy to grasp because of her teaching style.  She provided a safe and supportive space for all of us to explore the techniques.  Upon completion of the course I experienced a profound clarity in the direction I wanted my life to go and subsequently enrolled in University to study Psychology. I highly recommend this course and Loretta is an amazing trainer."

Wendy Grenfell

Albury, NSW


"In my own words, I have studied NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), and Hypnosis at Practitioner and Master Practitioner level, and completed Trainers Training.  The techniques I have learn't have allowed me to tap into my own potential, accelerating my success in every area of my life.  I have started 3 business' , all of which are doing really well.  My family life and the relationship with my husband and my son has been enriched beyond measure.  Until I was exposed to this amazing body of work I had no idea I was capable of accomplishing so much.   I've taken a lot of courses over the years and this is unconditionally the best I have ever taken. 

If you want more in your life, if you want to push yourself further, if you really want to discover what you are capable of; this is the course for you.  I speak from experience.  This course is not just for coaches and therapist.  It's for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of possibility.  If you are a parent, this course will change the way you communicate and relate to your family.  If you are in business and you want to understand your team, this is for you.  If you are a coach or therapist, a personal trainer, or anyone in the business of helping others be their best, this is for you. This course will allow you and you to take your business to the the next level.  I guarantee my clients a 100% success rate for their outcome.  This is powerful work.  


I have studied with the best trainers in the world, I frequently assist at other training events to fine tune my skills.  I guarantee that you will get more value for money than you can imagine.  I hope you will join me."


Loretta Honeychurch.

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