The Ultimate Breakthrough using GDV Technology.


GDV Technology is cutting edge and I am fortunate to be able to offer this service in my Coaching practice.  When you come to me with a problem we work to unravel the root cause so we can get to the bottom of it.  With GDV technology we work with the whole you, by  getting insight into every apect of your emotional and physical well being.   It's very powerful.


What is GDV


The GDV Camera measures your biofield to give you a complete analysis of your emotional and physical health and wellness.  It tells us the story of your life so far.  With this analysis I use various techniques proven to let go of negative emotions and change patterns in your life that aren't working for you.   The camera doesn't lie so even if you don't know what is holding you back the information we gather from your biofield will.



These images show the human energy field as taken by the GDV Camera.  On the left is the before coaching photo and on the right is the after coaching photo.  The first photo clearly shows inbalance and disharmony in the field indictative of the physical and emotional state of the client, and the photo on the right shows the restoration of balance to the energy system. 

Biofield before coaching
Biofield after coaching
Biofield Chakra analysis
Biofield Chakra analysis.