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Book Biofield Tuning Treatment

A Biofield Tuning Treatment takes about 45 minutes to one hour.   As the client all  you have to do is to lay comfortably on a massage table, close your eyes, relax and enjoy.  Biofield Tuning is extremely relaxing and refreshing.  

I recommend you come wearing comfortable clothing.  It's also beneficial if you are well hydrated. 

Biofield tuning is not suitable if you are pregnant, have a pace maker, have been diagnosed with a serious illness, have metal implants or botox or silicone implants, have recently suffered concussion (within the last 3 months), or are obese.  Coaching practices are better for these conditions. Please call ahead to discuss if this is right for you. 

NB: Distance Biofield Tuning can be done no matter where in the world you live and has  the same effect as if you were in my office.

1 hour Biofield tuning session- $99.00

This single session can be used to balance Chakras, address emotional and health issues or address current life issues.  Also choose from the Adrenal reset or Liver Tune.  We can discuss what's right for you when you arrive at your appointment.  Distance Biofield Tuning can be done anywhere in the world and has the same effect as if you were in my office.

NB: Visa or debit card payment

available in my office.


Sonic Meridian Flush - $99.00

If you're feeling sluggish reset your energy body system with a Sonic Meridian Flush. Using specially designed tuning forks the Sonic meridian flush helps to reset and stimulate your life force energetic system. We work on the 12 primary meridians and 2 vessels located in your arms and legs.  Also includes spinal points.

NB: Visa or debit card payment

available in my office.

 Chakra Bliss  - biofield Tuning for the 7 major Chakra's over 6 sessions

Each Chakra has a different expression and holds information in the field related to that expression. For example, the Heart Chakra relates to giving and receiving love, self centeredness, forgiveness, compassion, hope, trust. 

When static, created by past negative or traumatic experiences,  is held in the field related to the heart chakra you may experience resentment, anger, bitterness or loniliness.  Biofield tuning restores harmony to the biofield and often releases stuck emotions.


Option  A.  Pay as you go -  Total cost $559 

Pay a deposit of $199 plus 4 payments of $90


NB: Visa or debit card

payment available in

my office.

Option  B.  Pay in full at the time of booking - Total Cost  $499

Full Body Reset -  Biofield tuning is a non invasive system that restores balance and harmony to your electromagnetic field. This package is 10 sessions and includes all the Chakra's, the Sonic Meridian Flush, Face Lift,  The Adrenal reset, Spinal walk,  and Liver zap. 

Option  A. Pay as you go -  Total cost $879

Pay a deposit of $199 plus 8 payments of $85


Option B.

Pay In Full at time of booking - total cost $799

NB: Visa or debit card

payment available in

my office.

Biofield Tuning Gift Certificate

Give the gift of a 1 hour Biofield Tuning Session.   Certificates can be purchased online or in my office (please call first- 0487207865).  Each session lasts approximately 1 hour long

NB: Visa or debit card

payment available in

my office.

Post Biofield Tuning Care

Most people who receive Biofield Tuning report feeling clearer, calmer and more relaxed.  However the experience is unique to everyone.  Other post Bioflield Tuning effects include:

  • profound exhaustion and tiredness, needing to sleep or lay low for a day or so.  This is more likely to happen if you are already feeling depleted.

  • it is possible to feel extremely emotional, or perhaps you may become aware of emotions that have been suppressed.  You may feel the need to cry, or you may feel angry.  These are all good things as emotions need to be expressed to be resolved.

  • you may experience a headache.

  • In rare cases you may develop a skin rash, mucus or even a fever.  These are signs that your body s detoxing and releasing the stuff from the past.  These symptoms will pass in a day or so.  If you experience this please let me know.


It's a good idea to take it easy after a session.  Hydrotherapy, both in and out, is optimum.   Drink plenty of water or herbal teas.  I recommend soaking in a bath with mineral or epsom salts to assist the detox process.

If you suffer from poor blood circulation (cold hands and feet)

try this technique of soaking your feet.

Ongoing maintenance.

It's really important to take care of your body.  Eat healthy food and stay hydrated.  Exercise regularly.  I may give you tasking to complete after the session.   Meditation is helpful also.  We will talk about this during the session.  For any really stuck emotions or experiences from the past I may suggest Time Line Therapy. 

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