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Congratulations on beginning your journey of change.  The first step to changing your life is recognizing that you need to and then having the courage take action . Eighty percent of success is showing up and taking action.  I believe that it is possible for each and every person to be true to their unique purpose thereby living powerfully in all of the moments of their life. My Coaching Programs are intended to help you to recover the missing pieces of information about who you are so you can unlock your authentic self and tap into your unique potential.  It's time to show up in your life as your true self  and live an Inspired Life. 

Part of this program requires that you try on something new.  What I'm offering is an opportunity to see your life through a different lens. The lessons in your program are designed to offer you a different perspective on life.   The greatest outcome of this course is that you rediscover the power that lies within you so that you  clearly recognise and utilize our own capacity for healing and thriving, and  create the life you really desire to live.  So for the time that we work together I simply ask you to commit to this new perspective without judgement or resistance.  Surrender yourself to the lessons and do the work. 


The lessons are based on my study and my experiences.  However,  do not believe a word I say.  This is not the truth pur se.  There is your truth and there is my truth.  Never believe in anything simply because you have heard it, because it has been handed down as a tradition, or is written in any religious or spiritual text, or presented to you by a great teacher.   You must endeavor to discover your own truth.  So while my offering to you is true for me, don't accept it as truth yet.  All I ask is that  you  try it on as you would a piece of clothing.  If, at the end, it doesn't fit then take it off.  In the meantime, keep an open mind and an open heart and after observation,  analysis and practice you may find that you agree and you can apply these principles to your life.

Thank you for allowing me to make this journey with you. I look forward to coaching you and supporting you through this incredible journey or self discovery and change.  


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