Biofield image of spirit channelling.

This is what Channelling looks like.  My friend, Mat, took this video for his alternative healing conference.  There is no sound, sorry about that.  We'll include that in the next one.  

 Here you can read Mat's description of what you are watching.  


"In this video you will see the light changes in front of your head as you are sitting in the chair facing your left. If you look around your third eye region you will see the biofield changes as you report you awareness of spirit. From memory its start off blue/green speckles and gets a lot brighter at the end. You also had green vibrant energy coming from you hands when you told me you felt energy from this. This is the color of balance and I have seen it in healers, as well as red. But in your case its green, remember balance is the key word. The more you connect with spirit in your video the brighter changes you see at the front of your third eye."


In this session your clairvoyance is being experience in you 3rd eye area, mental imagery etc. You can describe the video as connecting with spirit through clairvoyance etc .   Mat.  Pranaview.

read below before watching

In my own words.


For the first few minutes of this video I am connecting to source and requesting the presence of my angels and guides.  My guardian came, who is actually my deceased grandfather from this life time, Grandfather Honeychurch. He died when I was 15 but even when he was alive I had a special connection with him. Also present were several angels, my Awiku (huna guardian), and someone I didn't know. Throughout the video several people pass through my awareness on their way to somewhere else.   


If you notice the area around my third eye you will see the green pixallation which is my energy.  Notice that it starts out close to my forehead, and as a connection to spirit is made the green area expands.  Mat was able to capture the event on film seconds before I actually became aware of it.  You can see this occur several times.


  • 2.50 minutes I am just fooling around with my pendulum, confirming a few things. 

  • 3.23 I confirm the the presence of my guardian, Grandfather Honeychurch, to my right ( as you look at me)  Pay attention to the movement of energy at my third eye.

  • 4.30 I acknowledge someone on my left side ( as you look at me), turns out to be a random spirit just passing through.

  • 6.02 Mat asked me to hold my palms up and out.  You can clearly see the green energy through my arms.

  • 6.11 Pay attention to the area of my third eye.  You can see the green energy  building in the space about a foot out from my forehead.  The green intensifies when a spirit connection is made.

  • 8.10. Mat asked me to focus my attention on my arm and you can see the green increase.  "where attention goes energy flow's"

  • 12.39  watch again as the green intensifies when a spirit connection is made.  This is someone who visits from time to time to talk about his journey, and he finds comfort in our meetings.  I won't name him however, he came to me a year ago.  He had suffered depression and one day  he walked out of his home and disappeared.  He took his own life.  I have asked him many times to let me tell his family but he isn't ready for that. (They'd probably think I was crazy anyway.)  I have his hand in between mine.  He always likes to hold my hand. He stays for a long time.

  • 17.  I thank the spirits for their co-operation and participation.  I express gratitude and thank the universe for my gift. 

Stay tuned - more experiments coming soon.


Thanks to Mat from Pranview.  An extraordinary man with a huge heart of knowlegde.  Please visit his website and like his facebook page.  He is doing great work in the area of natural healing.  If any one would like to join me in a work shop with him let me know and I will arrange something.   Also, Mat is very passionate about his work and he loves to talk about it.  So if you sent him an email, mention me, and I'm sure he will reply.